Friday, August 10, 2012

Bob Hoskins

I love Bob Hoskins.  You know him from Roger Rabbit and Hook but if you haven't seen his breakout role as British gangster Harold Shand in The Long Good Friday, I suggest you check it out. (It's on NetFlix streaming and the music's great, too.)
He also had a small part in Brazil and I love every second that he's on-screen because of his constant cartoony-smile and crazy-wide-eyed expression. But he's also got this intense ferocity, seen in TLGF as well as Unleashed. When he spits his angry words out through gritted teeth and flared nostrils, he is terrifying. He's such an intense actor that he suffered from hallucinations during the production of Roger Rabbit. On set, he wouldn't simply look in the direction of where the animated character would be superimposed, he focused his eyes on a specific point in front of him where the character would have been standing in "real life" and eventually, unintentionally tricked his brain into creating images of these cartoon characters in his head. Amazing.

I might have messed this up with the gray shadow... I'm not too experienced with it.

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