Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Facehugger Club

What can I say? The fucking things gimme the willies. Especially the Japanese ones.


TJ said...

Hahaha. The "I'm With Stupid" shirt is an awesome touch.

You need to P-shop these badboys all into one big piece, color it and offer it as a background.

Rickey said...

I like to think that the facehugger is kinda unaware that the guy he's slowly killing is making fun of him with that shirt. And I like to think that if the facehugger had eyes? And saw that shirt? He'd be devastated and feel a little betrayed.

TJ said...

I'd like to make a request for the Tall Man from Phantasm, possibly fighting the shark from Jaws. Oh, and Angela from Sleepaway Camp and the killer from Slumber Party Massacre 2.

Rickey said...

You won't believe how many of those I already had planned.

(all of them...)